Eskimo North Services

Our website hosting is based upon a Ubuntu platform and the most current version of Apache server. We also host games, IRC bots, and many other applications. Our servers run each users web sites and applications under their own user ID so a flaw in one users code doesn’t jeopardize another. Each users website also gets it’s own unique IP address so SSL can be used even with older browsers.
Internet Access
We offer reliable and competitively priced DSL and 56k dial-up services, including a low cost dial backup solution, in most parts of the United States. Our access services include e-mail, Usenet News, Linux shell access, and remote desktop access to shell servers operating nine popular Linux distributions.
One shell account here gives you access to Centos 6, Centos 7, Debian, Fedora, Julinux, Manjaro, Mint, MxLinux, OpenSuse, Salix, Scientific Linux 6, Scientific Linux 7, Ubuntu, Zorin, and SunOS servers. Full remote desktops with sound using X2Go, or without sound using NX clients, are supported on all but the SunOS server.  RDP and VNC are supported on some servers as well.
Website Design and Creation
We custom build websites tailored to your needs. These can be either WordPress or hand coded sites.
PC Services
Got a nasty virus and need help in removing it? Need help installing a new operating system or application? Time to replace that old hard drive? We can help!

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