Eskimo North Services

Our website hosting is based upon the current Ubuntu Linux operating system, we use a custom kernel and the most current version of Apache server modified so that each users websites, PHP and CGI-code, run under their own UID rather than a generic UID like apache or httpd. This prevents a hacker who finds an exploit in one users website from being able to alter or access code belonging to other customers. We support https and http/2.0 and use the strongest encryption available. We also host games, IRC bots, and many other applications.
One shell account here gives you access to Centos 7, Debian, Fedora, Manjaro, Mint, MxLinux, OpenSuse, Scientific Linux 7, Ubuntu, Zorin servers. Terminal access via ssh or putty and full remote desktops with sound using X2Go, or Guacamole from a Web Browser, VNC, and RDP are supported on all but the SunOS server. We install a full range of development tools, applications, but if something is missing a request to support will remedy that for you.
PC Services
Got a nasty virus and need help in removing it? Need help installing a new operating system or application? Time to replace that old hard drive? We can help!
Virtual Private Servers
Want to roll your own? We offer virtual private servers for any legal use other than bulk-email. Unlike many hosting companies, we do not oversell our RAM and depend upon SSD for fast swap. There is enough physical RAM to keep your machine in RAM at all times for optimal response.

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