PC Services

Personal Computer Services

Virus Malware Removal
Is your PC plagued with some nasty malware you picked up while web browsing, installing software, or reading e-mail? If so, and you need assistance with it’s removal, I would be happy to provide that assistance.
Installing, Configuring, and Upgrading Operating Systems or Applications
Do you require assistance installing and configuring operating systems or applications? Would you like to optimize the use of your hardware by moving towards a virtual server solution? (Allows multiple virtual machines to be hosted on one physical computer) I can help you with these tasks or perform them for you.
I can improve the security and optimize performance of your system by disabling unused services and configuring firewalls and applications. I can perform port scans and other security audits to help you identify potential vulnerabilities.
Hardware Repair
I can repair or replace defective hardware in desktop and reasonably accessible servers and some laptops.
Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix
I can assist you with Windows, MacOS, Linux, and most flavors of Unix.
My rates during normal business hours are $25/hour including travel time. Emergencies rates, outside of normal business hours, are $100/hour including travel time.
On Site Service Area
On site services are available in Western Washington. I am located in Shoreline near the Snohomish / King County border so you can have some idea of travel time accordingly.

Please contact me for an estimate.

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