Internet Hosting

Internet Hosting

Eskimo North will host just about anything that is legal and ethical, and we’ll do it faster and more secure than just about anywhere else. The exception to this being IRC servers. We have hosted IRC servers in the past. I founded the NewNet IRC Network. Because denial of service attacks on IRC servers affect our other customers, we can no longer host IRC servers. Because we are in Washington State, we are unable to host Internet Gambling sites. We won’t host spammers.

Shell Accounts
Shell accounts include the ability to host web content under our domain. Content can be mapped to your domain with a Virtual Domain, Personal Web Hosting Package, or Business Web Hosting Package. On student shells, no daemons are allowed, but you can still host web content. On all other shell accounts, daemons are allowed so you can host game servers, IRC bots, proxies, and many other application servers.
Virtual Domains
Virtual domains map your shell public_html directory to the root directory for your domain. They also provide your own ftp space for your domain. They provide an unlimited number of virtual e-mail addresses under your domain mapped to any destination address you like or the physical mailbox associated with your shell account. Virtual domains are flat rate, there are no traffic charges, and space limitations are those provided by the time of shell account that you have.

Web hosting packages provide the capability of a shell account combined with a virtual domain except that the space is associated with the package and there are traffic limits above which you must upgrade to the package that covers the amount of traffic involved. We offer these because our competitors offered low cost packages. Some of those competitors are ethical and mention limits or traffic charges up front. Others hide the details in the fine print or they provide servers with such limited capabilities that they are incapable of serving substantial traffic. I know my unwillingness to hide such details costs me business but it’s probably business that is undesirable anyway.

Personal Web Hosting Packages
These are low cost web hosting packages intended for individuals not operating their websites for profit. It is okay to monetize your site with something like Google ads, but if you are making money selling goods or services then it is a business and should use the business packages or a virtual domain and shell account. Even though these packages are very low cost, you will still get secure hosting where each users applications run under their own user ID, and robust server capacity that can handle heavy bursts of traffic without lag or crashing.
Business Web Hosting Packages
If you are a business owner using your website to generate customers, you want as much traffic coming to your site as possible and you want the customer experience to be good when they get there. I challenge you to set up Google webmaster tools on your site and pay attention to the crawl statistics. Know that Google penalizes slow sites and compare the average crawl speed of your site here with other sites and I think you’ll see there are very good reasons to be hosted here. Business sites are often complicated and you will find more personal help dealing with those complexities here than elsewhere.

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