Virtual Domains

Virtual Domains

Virtual domains, which are an adjunct to shell, ISDN, 56k Dial, and DSL accounts, provide a web and mail Internet presence for your domains hosted here. If you host a game or other service here, it is possible to map those into your domain as well.

Virtual domains utilize our lightning fast shared hosting solution. I challenge you to find a faster host anywhere at any price. See our Pingdom, GTMextrix, and CloudPing test results.

DiscountMonth 1TMonth APQuarter 1TQuarter APHalf 1THalf APYear2 Years5 Years
  • 10% discount if your domain links to on your site.
  • 20% discount if your domain links to from your home page.
  • Clone service consists of DNS with CNAME entries to point one domain at another domain.

Domain Registration Information

Important: When you register your domain please specify the following servers:


Required Information

  1. The domain name.
  2. The login to which it is to be mapped.
  3. The directory to which it should be mapped. This normally would be public_html or adult_html or a subdirectory under these directories.

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