DSL Service

DSL service involves a physical data circuit from the customers premise to the telephone company central office. In the central office a virtual connection is made to an ISP that provides connectivity to the Internet backbone as well as host services such as e-mail, news, and web hosting. Please see the DSL pull down menu for rates and terms that apply for the telephone company that services your area.

Advantages To Purchasing DSL Through Eskimo North

  • End frustration! Your call will go straight to a knowledgeable caring human, or at worst voice-mail if the human is unavailable. In that case, you will get a prompt call-back and prompt resolution of any service issues.
  • Be Free! Have it your way! Our services are extensive, flexible, and highly customizable. Use our hosts services such as shell access, e-mail, web and application hosting, from any access provider with a shell account.
  • We use platform independent standards and will work with Linux, MacOS, and Windows.
  • No download limits or extra download fees.
  • Be clear! We don’t offer special incentive rates for the first six months and then jack the rate up through the roof for the remainder of a two-year contract. Our rates are our rates, always. No deceptive tricks!

DSL Verses Cable

While the raw data transmission speed of a cable system is faster than DSL, cable is a shared access medium. A cable segment is typically shared by between 100 and 1000 customers. The bandwidth is shared by everyone on that segment. Defective customer equipment that introduces noise into the segment will disrupt service for everyone else.

With DSL, you are the only person using the bandwidth of that wire. Newer DSL technology makes possible faster speeds than in the past. However, in not all cases do we have access to the newest technology as some telephone companies have chosen to offer access only to their older slower technology to resellers. In some cases you may be able to get a faster speed directly from the telephone company. In those cases you can still enjoy our superior host services by purchasing an inexpensive shell account from us. To determine what speeds are available at your location, please use the DSL pull down menu to access the DSL Prequalification form.

Cable companies usually have restrictions on the amount of data you can download because the more customers they can pack on a segment, the more profitable it is for them. We have no such incentive. Our DSL services do not have download restrictions.


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