Are The Aliens Here? What Are They?

My viewpoint on this issue is biased by my early experience. After that experience I am convinced we are visited by beings from elsewhere.

My experience had little in common with most reported. Although arrival at the landing location wasn’t of my own volition, entering the craft was. So it wasn’t a complete abduction, nor was it completely voluntary. The beings I encountered were neither grey, reptilian, or tall blond humans with unusually intense deep blue or indigo eyes. The craft was essentially empty. There were no glass tubes with floating embryos. There was no examination table or anal probes.

My experience did have something in common with Whitley Streibers’ experience in that it seemed to involve a state of consciousness that was somewhere between a normal dream and a normal waking state. I had physical evidence when I awoke, clay on my pajama legs where there was none in the area except at the landing site. My experience didn’t involve Whitleys’ evil clowns.

If you take the testimony of others at face value, there must be a number of different alien species visiting us with a number of different agendas using different technologies. One thing all of them seem to share in common is that they all warn us of impending environmental disasters. Perhaps we should pay attention.

If you do a bit of browsing around the Internet, read the stories of various abductees and others that have had more friendly encounters, it becomes apparent that there are several broad groups of species with several agendas.

Pleiadians or Nordics are a tall blond people with deep-blue or indigo eyed. They are described as being beautiful. They arrive via “beamships” and have a particular fondness for a one-armed Swiss farmer by the name of Billy Meier. More recently they’ve been slightly less selective with respect to whom they share their wisdom. They warn of impending environmental disasters and the need for spiritual growth. They appear to be emotionally hypersensitive, empathetic, and spiritually evolved.

Greys are usually three and a half to four and a half feet tall. They have giant black insect eyes, a small or absent nose, a small mouth, anywhere from between 4-7 digits, and a nasty penchant for anal probes.

Greys are involved in a program designed to produce a hybrid of their race and ours. They tend to abduct along family lines. If you’re a frequent abductee, the odds are good that your parents were and your children will be.

Greys have the capability to manipulating human consciousness. They are able to immobilize, force sleep, erase memories, and plant screen memories. Most abductees only become aware of their experience through the phenomena of missing time and with the help of hypnotic regression.

Greys extract human-grey hybrid fetuses from the wombs of women they’ve implanted with alien seed and grow them to term in glass tubes with some sort of fluid and fetal life support system. They seem to be devoid of normal human emotions and any hint of spirituality.

Reptilians are large creatures, often seven feet tall. They are green and have eyes with a yellow vertical iris. They are the galaxies sex predators. They seem to have no real function in life except to come to earth and rape or seduce earth women. The reports are often similar to the story of Brians mothers’ rape at the hands of a Roman in the Monty Python film, “The Life of Brian”. “Was it rape?”, “At first.” Once you’ve had reptilians nothing else will satisfy.

Reptilians have been reported to shape-shift and appear human. They are reported to flash back to reptilian form when stressed or threatened. It has been suggested that many of our political leaders are in fact reptilians in disguise. Reptilian-human sex always involves male reptilians and female humans. I’ve heard no reports of female reptilians. They are occasionally reported working with the greys. The greys are subservient to the reptilians.

Greys are usually reported as being 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 feet tall but occasionally tall versions are reported as being up to seven or eight feet. They have between four and seven fingers. They may have small noses or only breathing holes. They may have small ears or only holes in the side of their heads. Their eyes may be black with compound lenses like a bug, or they may have multiple eyelids with the inner eyelid being black but a normal but large eye behind that eyelid. Some abductees report greys with human like genetils, other reports say they are sexless. Some greys manipulate human consciousness through mental effort, others require devices.

Reptilians and Nordics or Pleiadians are less varied. Reptilians are always described as male sex maniacs, Pleiadians always spiritually advanced and benevolent. Pleiadians or Nordics get their name from their star system of origin, The Pleiades, or their resemblance to Nordic people.

Reptilians are extremely malevolent, Greys vary between malevolence and neutrality, Pleiadians are always benevolent. All warn us of impending environmental disasters. All differ from the creatures in my experience. I have found no similar descriptions on the Internet.

I speculate that the greys aren’t from where but from when. Our descendents, they know about coming environmental disasters because their ancestors recorded them. Greys are from four and a half billion years into the future. Earth has been scorched by the red giant sun. The oceans have boiled dry. Greys moved to distant planets or moons with comfortable temperatures. They can not survive further into the future because the Sun, now a red giant, is becoming unstable. Greys large eyes allow them to see in their infrared illuminated environment.

Possessing the capability of time travel, they go back to when the Sun was a hydrogen burning main sequence star. This would establish a new timeline different from their own in which they could continue to evolve for billions of years. Poorly equipped for today’s environment, they are creating a hybrid race to carry on. Greys interest in genetically compatible ancestors account for the tendency for abductions to occur along family lines.

Will they need us once their hybrid race is perfected? Greys come from a different timeline. They are not directly descended from us, rather from our parallels in a parallel universe. Our survival may not be relevant. They may want to keep their direct ancestors around as genetic stock for future manipulations.

What happens when a primitive race encounters a more technologically advanced race? In our historical experience it is not pretty for the less advanced race. But there is no exact precedent. The American Indians were not our ancestors or even parallel equivalents.

When Jimmy Carter ran for the presidency, one of his campaign promises was to reveal to us the truth behind the UFO phenomena. President Carter was sincere and honest. If it were possible for him to reveal the truth behind the UFO phenomena without placing us in great peril, he would have done so. President Carter did push through the Freedom of Information Act, through which we are able to ascertain that a genuine and massive UFO coverup exists.

A caller to the Coast to Coast radio program told a story about an encounter with President Carter at a book signing some eight years after his term in office. The caller asked the former president why he did not keep his promise and reveal the truth behind UFO’s. Jimmy Carter had no response except to place his hands to his face and weep. If our government is unwilling to share the news, it’s because it’s bad. For a man of President Carters’ stature to break down like that, the truth has to be extremely terrible.

Greys by all accounts are not spiritually enlightened. Look at what unenlightened Caucasians did to the Native American when we came to this country. The difference in technological capability is even greater between the greys and ourselves.

Tales of heavily guarded underground military bases, where aliens and humans work side by side, indicate our government is working with the Greys. If the aliens do intend to replace us, they will do so after their hybrid race is perfected. If we wish to stop them the time to act is now. Dwindling abduction reports suggest that they are nearing completion. Sightings of saucer shaped crafts have been replaced by sightings of gigantic triangular crafts. Smaller craft are appropriate for research and reconnaissance. Larger craft are appropriate for transport, perhaps large numbers of little grey men, or human-grey hybrids.

Perhaps all is not lost. I can’t believe the Pleiadians would just stand by and let them do their evil deeds without warning us but still warn us of impending environmental disaster. Perhaps they will intervene on our behalf.

Reptilians are one piece of the puzzle which does not fit. Reptilians act as supervisors of the greys when they’re not having sex with earth women. What is their role?

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  1. If you want to know more about reptilians, look into David Icke. There is a lot of information that he reveals about all of cover ups in our present day events that are caused by our government. He suggests that there is a group, human or not, that is running it all from behind the scenes, and it runs through bloodlines. He does talk about reptilians in great detail, and how they control the masses of people. There’s a site to look at if you want to know more about the reptilians. We Are Definitely Not Alone.

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