Sick Dogs…

Draco Chews A Rawhide

We’ve got a Great Dane sized red Doberman named Draco. He has never been your typical high energy Doberman. I’d guess he sleeps an average of about 20 hours a day.

Recently he got sick. At first he started eating less and I thought well the weather is 90ºF out and he’s not terribly high energy so about the only thing he needs calories for is to keep his body warm. But then he stopped eating dog food altogether.

So $200 worth of lab tests later the vetrinarian diagnoses a kidney and bladder infection, though there is some indications it was also in his sinuses and intestines.

I was not sure he was going to make it through the night before last. Couldn’t get up on his own, then couldn’t get back down.

He is on antibiotics and doing a lot better today. Whatever he picked is nasty stuff. He brought a petrified squirrel home a couple of weeks ago, maybe something from that.

Today he demanded his morning walk and didn’t want to go the short route, been a while since he did that so definitely is getting better.

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