It’s still a challenge

Did receive a communications from our new found friend, seems our photo scared her off. This is unfortunate because I know to get out of this depressed state I have to increase my physical activity and social interaction.

I just can’t do the gym/swim thing, it’s just too painful. If I could find someone to accompany us and give me something to think about, someone to interact with, it would make it easier. I thought for a short while we had that but it fell apart.

Our ours make finding someone to accompany us difficult. We usually go after 11 PM, so we need a late-night person, preferably someone with a membership at 24-hour fitness where we go to work-out and swim, when we did.

Beyond that though I really need some live and in person local people we can do things with. I have lots of net-friends scattered all over the world but that just does not replace face to face human interaction which now seems so missing from my life. My wife is much better at making friends. Unfortunately, the friends she makes either don’t like me, are day persons, or have health issues that prevent them from going out and doing anything physical.

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