Disturbed Sleep – Strange Dreams

Had very disturbed sleep and odd dreams last night. Kept waking up into a semi-conscious state, where you’re not really sure where you are or what’s around you.

But when I finally woke up all the way, I first had this dream where my wife, Raymond, Eddie, and I lived in a different house, small house without a basement, with an undeveloped area of land behind it. In the back on this land, some homeless people had primitive shelters they constructed with pieces of old plywood and stuff they found lying around.

Our next door neighbor had his dog stolen. Raymond spotted the dog in a television newscast so we called the police to let them know he’d seen the dog and where it was.

Then I thought the people who stole the dog were coming after us.

The dream morphed at this point and we were living in the house I grew up in, but it wasn’t with my parents, it was the wife and I and remaining children.

But this person was still coming after us. I went down into the basement and locked the basement door, then into the garage and made sure it was secured. Then upstairs and locked the front and back doors and the screendoors.

Then we went up into the attic with a cell phone. The plan was, when we heard them break in we’d call the police and they could capture them.

But then the dream morphed again, and I found myself working with this young woman at a college administering the computer systems. She was really the brains of the operation, I was pretty much a slacky. She discovered a password file entry that appeared to not be legitimate, it appeared modified to grant a student priviledges they shouldn’t have that would allow them to do things like change grades.

So we got in a car to drive to this persons location. Not exactly sure what we intended to do when we got there but that’s the way dreams go sometimes. We went up this one street that had a dead end segment at the end, and all of the sudden the streets were snow covered. I saw a car coming from the dead end and I knew something bad was going to happen and sure enough, it flipped over.

Then we made a left onto a street just before the dead end, and another left onto a two-lane arterial that headed towards a four lane, kind of like how 5th NE goes to Northgate Way north of northgate. Anyway, this car came in the opposite direction then turned sideways into our lane forcing us to stop. This big guy got out of the car and threatened to kill us if we didn’t mind our own business. He was running a grades for money racket.

Then the dream morphed again and my wife and I were in some kind of public transit center, like a bus tunnel stop or something. There were escalator and stairwells going up and down to multiple floors. There was a gunman chasing us and the floor we were on dead ended. But there was small elevator at the end, which I got onto. For some reason Tina didn’t follow me. But I got out at the next floor and headed down to find her then we went back up the steps and the gunman came down a flight in the opposite direction. I saw him but he didn’t see us so we climbed up really fast to get away.

I woke up after that, stiff neck and bad sinus headache. Pretty odd dream.

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