Police Activity

Yesterday, when I went to get mail from the post office, police had 185th NE in Shoreline blocked off between 5th Ave NE and 10th Ave NE.  I saw a Medic leave from that area on the way back.  I was wondering if anyone knows what was going on?

A couple days prior I saw police on foot looking for someone on 6th Avenue.

It seems like there has been a lot of activity, and the police don’t like it when you ask them what is going on, and real investigative news media is non-existent these days, so I’m hoping someone out there might now.  It seems to me we’ve been forced to be our own media these days.

It also seems like police activity in general is way up, and I’m wondering are we having a big crime wave that’s not making the news as the result of this less than ideal economy or just what is going on?

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