Waking Up Is Hard

     My wife works nights, came home at 5AM today and woke me up.  Took me an hour and a half to get back to sleep and now I have to be awake again and not really ready.

     Woke up out of a weird dream that made absolutely no sense and yet it seemed to in the dream.

     I was taking part of a class, and I was also responsible for some things like ordering and installing some commercial application, which seemed totally familiar in the dream but now that I’m awake it is not.  I have no idea what was being taught except that it seemed to involve unfamiliar languages.

     For some reason, if you got there before 9AM, the doors would let you in but then you couldn’t open then from the inside until 9AM, you were trapped there except you could ride the freight elevator down into the basement and escape that way.  The freight elevator was monstrous, large than any I’ve ever seen.  It was like moving a good sized room.  It was a bit clunky and 100% manually operated with a big lever that was just up, down, or stop.

     The class was very ad-hoc in nature, we’d decide the next days start time the previous day, and sometimes it would go twelve hours at a stretch.  We were served food in the class room.

     The furniture was also kind of ad-hoc with some people working around tables, others at desks, and shelves around each persons location that could contain many books and other things, almost like a low office cubicle but low enough not to interfere with line of site or communications with other individuals.  We mostly worked together in small groups of two or three.

     We’d just gotten some kind of new wireless power controller that would enable us to turn off or on all the lights individually or individual outlets.  It seemed large and clunky, primitive compared to todays technology where you’d use an app on a smartphone.

     The building was near a salt water beach.  The building from the outside had an appearance similar to an old telephone company building, brick with small windows, three stories high.

     The water was warm enough and clean, not full of algae and seaweed and half processed shit like the water around here is.  It was clear ocean front, no land in sight as you looked out.  Many people swam and played in the water, even at night.

     There was a line of yellow sand on the beach.  Not a natural formation but a line of dyed sand that was placed there.  I don’t know it’s purpose.  People crossed it without issue.

     To wake up out of that dream into this reality is difficult.  I don’t really understand what was going on in the dream but it felt fun, free, liberating.  In this life I feel trapped, suffocating.  It’s an icky evil transition to have to make in the morning.Beach

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