Weird Network Dreams

     I had two weird networking dreams.

     In the first, there was a mangled version of IPv4 in which the second octet could be a number bigger than 256, it was so you could have addresses like 53.64509.251.83 and if all the interim networking infrastructure supported it, that IP would actually take you somewhere.

     It’s implementation was neither official nor stable so doing like ping 53.64509.251.83 might get a response or it might explode the network stack and crashed the machine.  These addresses were kind of underground like darknet.

     The second involved these Ethernet over your AC wiring devices.  People discovered that they would make it to neighbors houses, then people started chaining them together to create neighborhood wide LANS, NANS I guess.

     Also had a dream working for the telco but the technology was all modern (I left 21 years ago) and I didn’t understand how it worked except in theory so was struggling.

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