The pills the doctors give me are like the ones that mother gives you, they don’t do anything at all.  Well not entirely true, gabapentin does knock down the static burning, that is the burning I feel in places moving or not, but it does not help with the allodynia, and last night a lot of general pain all over.

     Back to the doctor tomorrow to discuss what to do about blood glucose still too high.  No hope of getting this nerve pain under control without first addressing the cause, my diabetes, in full.

     Strange, I just had this vision flash into my head.  It was wood with a badly blistered gray/white paint.  Where the wood was exposed by the paint blisters it had moss or mold or something growing on it.  Didn’t see the context, don’t know if it was a single plank or the siding of a house.  It feels like the latter.  No idea the significance.

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