Star Trek – The Next Generation – The Inner Light

     Just finished watching episode 25 of season 5, entitled, “The Inner Light”.  Re-watching actually.

     What excellent writing on this episode.  Really makes me think about my past, people from my past that are now gone, and eventually so will I be, and then what?

     I don’t understand why we live these transient lives on our way to eternity.

     What I wouldn’t give for a chance to return to the past when my daughter and youngest son still talked to me.  Or to a time when I wasn’t in constant physical pain.

     Though I suppose the physical pain is more tolerable than the anxiety I used to suffer from.

     I am 57 and still trying to understand what it is God has for me to do here on this planet.  Right now I’m feeling a sense of great loss and bewilderment.

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