Another Bad Pain Day

     Today started off good, no pain this morning.

     Around 3pm my feet started tingling, by 5pm they were hurting pretty bad.  Now that pain has traveled up my legs.  I am also itching very badly.

     My neurologist is aware of my pain but all we do is trial and error with drugs that have proven ineffective for the majority of nerve pain patients.

     The most recent experiment is Lyrica.  It is an improvement over gabapentin.  Now instead of most days being bad, maybe 1 in 5 is bad.  Unfortunately for me today is one of those 1 in 5.

     The pain episodes have been shorter on Lyrica, about 4 hours has been the longest, I’m about two hours into the serious bad pain part of this one so hoping things will get better soon.

     I’m a little afraid to take more drugs, I’ve already vomited once today.

     I am with Group Health so not a lot of choices in terms of doctors.  Nor is it possible to see anyone on short notice, they are badly overbooked.

     Kaiser is investing in billions of dollars worth of new equipment.  What they really need more than new equipment is doctors with an ounce of compassion.

2 thoughts on “Another Bad Pain Day

  1. Canibis is said to help with many malidies I have no first hand experience but if medical falls short I would look into it.
    God bless you and family.

    • Yes, cannabis is among the substances I use when pain is bad. Actually tianeptine sodium is my first go to drug. It’s a novel tricyclic SSRE (opposite of an SSRI) and is the only substance on Earth documented as being effective against allodynia which is a good portion of my pain, but it isn’t available for doctors to prescribe in the US but it is also unscheduled so I mail order it as a powder and weigh it out on a gram scale. However, it has the downside of developing tolerance rapidly and also being fairly short acting. The short acting aspect of it used to be a problem but since switching from gabapentin to lyrica my flare-ups rarely last longer than four hours so it is most helpful. After that kratom gives the most bang in terms of pain relief with minimal loss of functionality. But like tianeptine, it also rapidly builds tolerance, so when these two fail then I go with weed. I can’t use that when I have to drive or be functional however.

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