Pain Flare Up

     Yesterday’s pain flare up is the longest I’ve experienced while using Lyrica.  The intense portion only lasted about four hours, but there is a small amount of residual pain today and significant allodynia on my belly and thighs.

     This morning I quaffed another 160mg of tianeptine sodium and six kratom capsules in hopes of smothering what is left of the pain.  Also took 50mg of Benadryl hoping it would help with itching which also persists.

     Another fun symptom that I have begun experiencing during flare-ups involving my feet is cramping of toes or at least the muscles that control them.  It seems touching the top of my foot about 2-1/2 inches back from the toes will sometimes trigger these spams as if the sensory nerve information is somehow leaking back into the motor neurons.

     Another thing to e-mail my neurologist about.  He is less than thrilled about the amount of feedback he gets from me, he obviously has a very high workload as just scheduling a phone call requires on average 16 days of lead time.  But I am not responsible for his workload, that’s an issue with Group Health policy, their willingness to hire enough staff, and so as much as I don’t like to be a pain I gotta get help with this so I must.

   The whole health care situation in this country is abysmal.  More than two weeks just to get a call back, not acceptable but I have no choice.  Rich people they got choices, they can go pay someone $500 an our for a message or whatever, but my finances don’t permit such extravagance.

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