Storm Service and Support

     Our services should remain reliable during a storm as all of the equipment is co-located in a facility with UPS power and a generator to provide power during a sustained commercial AC power outage.

     However, support is provided out of my home office.  We do not have UPS power here and Comcast provides our connectivity.  If the power goes out or a tree falls and takes cable down with it, our phones may be dead and I may not be able to access our servers.

     If the storm is severe we may be more difficult to reach by phone because of telephone outages.  It may be more difficult for me to monitor our servers if Comcast cable goes down.  The best thing to do is to call and if you don’t get through to us then leave a message and also send e-mail to  That way if I go some place there is power and I can gain network access, we can get your e-mail.

     Thank you.

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