Dodging Bullets

     I really dodged two bullets tonight.  First, I always have my accountant file for automatic extensions because the late Winter and Spring are usually very busy seasons and I’m usually way overloaded in terms of time and things to do so my business return then needs to be filed by September 15 and personal return by October 15.  Business return wasn’t bad but I was worried I’d have more of a tax bill than I could afford personally because I sold some IPv4 address space for a sizeable chunk in 2015.

     As it turned out the amount I owed was much less than I expected and now that I think of it, I plowed quite a lot of money into new equipment in 2015, upgrading two of three i7-2900 servers to i7-6700k based machines which meant new motherboards, CPU, and memory and they were high end motherboards.

     Then this storm tonight, hit South Sound hard, hit Seattle fairly hard, hit Everett fairly hard, but skipped over the area of Shoreline where I live.

     So these two things that I had a lot of anxiety about, both resolved favorably and so yea first I am relieved and that is nice, but after that I am depressed, and this is a long standing pattern for me, I get worked up over something, it resolves, then I am depressed.

     I suspect it is internal drug withdrawal from adrenalin and cortisol created by the stressful situation being suddenly withdrawn, but don’t seem to have a good strategy for handling it.

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