I went to bed early tonight as I have to be up at 5:40 AM to go to a men’s accountability group meeting.

     I thought I would have trouble falling asleep.  I didn’t, rather I woke up out of a nightmare where someone was trying to kill me and they were chasing me and I was running for what seemed like forever.  And this came out of another dream where I was in a strange place, strange people around, really living a life that was not mine.

     When I woke up, I was shivering violently even though I was warmly covered up on a heated water bed.  After being awake for a few minutes the shivering stopped.

     Now I am having difficulty getting back to sleep, hence my being here to type this in.  I listened to coast to coast for a while, George Noory usually bores me to sleep in just minutes but not tonight.

     Tonight must be pagan night or else they’re preparing for Halloween early.  First they have an astrologer on, and I’ll admit he makes it interesting.  I also believe there is something to astrology.  I based this upon an encounter with a woman in my teenage years who didn’t know me and I didn’t know her.  But she asked some questions with respect to my personality and limited life experiences and proceeded to tell me when and where I was born.

     Then after the astrologer they had someone on who was big on reincarnation and that might have been boring if it were not for his knowledge in ancient mythology, Greek and Egyptian at least, and he himself was Jewish.  I find mythology fascinating because I believe that most myths are based in truths, some of them literal, some metaphoric.

     So in spite of the fact that George is still as exciting as a box of rocks, his guests tonight were interesting which didn’t help getting back to sleep but I think also a fear that I will return to that same dream is keeping me awake.

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