Space Dreams

     I had two dreams last night of being on board human built interstellar capable craft last night.

     In both dreams I was an engineer on the ship.  One, I was a crew supervisor but it was very hands on.  I worked on problems like the other crew members but also handled scheduling, discipline, etc, for my crew.

     We also had something like a Star Trek teleporter only owing to reliability problems it was generally only used for goods not people.

     In the first dream the teleporter was not working, again, and after spending several hours troubleshooting and getting nowhere, I finally took a phaser like device and turned the whole thing into slag and told the captain he would have to order a replacement.  It was an old model and the newer technology was much improved.

     In the second dream, someone who was a supervisor at a telco I worked at a couple of decades ago, Bill Cope, was also a supervisor on the ship, he was a 2nd line, I was a 1st line with the engineering crew under me.

     Bill came to me with a rather strange request, he wanted me to task my crew with writing a letter that basically lists things which might encourage seditious activity.  I told him honestly this was hard for me to fathom as I had never had a job I enjoyed more than this one.

     I also had an issue I brought up with him, two of my crew members had been quarantined with no explanation.  I wanted an explanation because certainly they’d be more tolerant of being locked up in quarters if they knew why.  I was told it was feared they may have picked up a disease from a planet we recently visited.  The disease would present itself within 15 days if they were infected.  The reason they were not informed was the disease was sexually transmitted and they did not want peoples private matters getting around the whole ship.

     I have not watched Star Trek since I last burned through all the episodes of the original, next generation, and deep space nine.  Did not care for Captain Janeway so avoided that series.

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