New Year

Tomorrow starts a brand new year. I am hopeful that it will bring better things.

When I originally started my blog, I had wished to discuss my thoughts on a variety of subjects as well as just kind of journal my day to day life. After making quite a few entries I came to the conclusion that it was just too disjointed, jumping from one topic to another, usually without an apparent relationship between them.

I have now created a number of separate blogs covering different subjects so that each could concentrate on that subject and be more organized and contiguous. This also makes it easier for readers to follow only those subjects of particular interest.

I will probably create a few more in time as there are other subjects of interest that I have not addressed as of yet. But at the present, the following exist:

  • General Blog. This is what you are presently reading, it will remain mostly random, mostly personal, maybe a bit of commentary on various news items occasionally.
  • Dreams and Visions. I have had a number of prophetic dreams, lucid dreams, prophetic waking visions, and waking out of body experiences, through which I have received information about the future. I’ve had other dreams which are just plain weird or which keep repeating, the meaning of which I do not fully understand. This blog documents them and speculates upon their meaning.
  • Extraterrestrial Life. This blog deals with the subject of extraterrestrial life forms and the possibility they may be visiting us, their possible agendas, and related topics.
  • Future Sustainable Living. Obviously, the way we are living now is consuming resources faster than nature can replenish them and is not sustainable. If we do not make changes we are doomed to a large population crash at some point with lots of misery and suffering. This is something I’d personally rather avoid and so this blog is dedicated to discussing methods of living in a sustainable manner, particularly with respect to energy and food production, but also to reducing, eliminating, or recycling wastes.
  • God. This blog deals with the subject of spirituality, God’s existence, the nature of God and our relationship with God. If you have strong religious beliefs or you are atheistic, then you probably want to avoid this blog as you are likely to find it threatening or offensive. On the other hand, if you are interested in openly exploring check it out.
  • Radio. This was one of my earliest interests and originally what I had hoped to make a career in. My initial attempts were unsuccessful so I moved into other fields to make a living. Now I am beginning to think perhaps that was a mistake.
  • Science. There are few scientific fields that I am not interested in. I follow many fields and like to talk about new discoveries and I have quite a few theories of my own, some of which have proven to be valid, others very controversial or the subject of wild speculation.

These are what I have created so far but I have a number of other interests that I might wish to get into later including politics, internet, photography, music, computers, Linux, anime, Chinese films, China in general, the roots of civilization, mythology, and probably other things I am not thinking about right now, for now this is enough to keep me busy. I hope that you enjoy and encourage your comments.

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