Mail Settings

Mail Settings

     Our mail server provides pop3 and imap capabilities as well as their TLS equivalents, pop3s and imaps. We recommend imap, especially if multiple devices are involved. Imap provides access to all your mail folders, pop3 only provides access to your INBOX. Imap provides access from multiple devices, pop3 does not.

     With most mail programs, the only way to switch from pop3 to imap is to delete the account and recreate it. Doing so will usually also delete any local mail folders so it is advisable to backup local mail folders before switching from pop3 to imap.

     Our mail server provides SSL or TLS encryption for both incoming and outgoing mail. Green settings are recommended and will provided encrypted mail sessions.

Incoming Server

            Server Name:

Port Protocol Encryption Authentication
110 POP3 STARTTLS Password
143 IMAP STARTTLS Password
993 IMAP TLS Password
995 POP3 TLS Password


Outgoing Server

            Server Name:

Port Protocol Encryption Authentication
25 SMTP STARTTLS Pop/Imap before SMTP
465 SMTP TLS Password
587 SMTP STARTTLS Password
2525 SMTP STARTTLS Pop/Imap before SMTP


Outgoing Port Notes:

     Port 25 is often blocked by Comcast and other large providers. Port 2525 is non-standard and not supported by some mail programs. Password authentication is optional but recommended on ports 25 and 2525.

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