How To Change Your Full Name

How To Change Your Full Name

Because of incompatibilities between the SunOS implementation of NIS and passwords, and that of Linux, it is necessary to login to the old SunOS 4.1.4 server, “”.

To do this ssh to and login with your existing login and password. If you are using Linux or MacOS, use ssh from within a terminal window. If you are using Windows, install putty and use it to ssh in.

If you still have esh for a shell (you will see Main>) for a prompt, then you will need to use ‘!’ to get to the Unix shell prompt.

Once logged in, type ‘chfn’ followed by return or enter. It will show your old fullname in brackets and then prompt for a replacement.

To exit the shell, type ‘exit’ and hit return or type control-D. If you have a normal login shell such as bash, ksh, sh, or csh, this will exit the server entirely. If you have esh, it will return you to the “Main>” command prompt at which point you will need to type ‘T’ which will expand to Terminate, and Y)es for yes I really do want out of here!

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