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Polymer Jet Fuel Additive

     Just read about a new polymer jet fuel additive that forms super mega molecules that inhibit misting in a crash but not in a jet engine and thus reduce explosion and fire hazards if a crash occurs.

     What it doesn’t state is what the combustion products of this stuff is, what effect it will have on the environment, and oh are the chemtrails people going to go ape shit over this!

     I think we need fusion reactors small enough to power big aircraft and get away from burning fossil fuels and throwing a huge amount of carbon dioxide into the upper atmosphere where it does the most damage.

     But seriously, aside from the fact that this will no doubt induce cancer in any living organism it touches, the chemtrails folks are going to have a riot over this.  Surely this is being engineered for mass mind control, what other possible reason could their be.

     Already, just because I posted a couple of pictures I took of iridescent clouds I have people telling me it’s the result of chemtrails.  No how about ice crystals.  And it’s not a new phenomena but people being what they are, generally ignorant and paranoid, it’s bound to cause a stir.  I still got a couple of idiots that badger me about the photos.

     So yea, add some polymer to jet fuel, and no doubt it will have something other than carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, maybe some chlorine or fluorine to destroy the ozone layer, and it’s really gonna send the chemtrails folks on a massive group panic attack.


     Years ago I read a book about the idea that the Universe was holographic in nature.  I can not remember the title or author but it dealt with the implicate or enfolded order that is not visible to use and the explicit order that is visible.

     At the time the idea did not have much intrigue for me but now after several decades of observations and thoughts it does.

     I have noticed that many ancient civilizations and present day Shamans come to some of the same conclusions about the nature of reality, even though they use different language and arrive at those ideas quite differently, that seem to have parallels with some understandings of quantum physics.

     The Dance of Shiva and Bohm’s idea of a holomovement seem to describe very much the same understanding of the underlying nature of the universe, except the creation and destruction are really just different explicit manifestations of the underlying implicate order.

     There are people who have a strictly materialistic view that has everything being a construction of physical stuff and the result of the ordering of physical stuff.  That view fails when you look at things like the collapse of a quantum wave function as the result of an observation.

     You have people who take the opposite tact, and believe that everything is a physical manifestation of thought and that thought underlies everything.

     My own take, based primarily on a number of what would be described as paranormal, personal experiences, is that it’s not a case of thought affecting matter and vice versa, it’s that they are different aspects of the same stuff, and that as we have free will over our thoughts and can change them, we can also change our material reality.  It’s understanding the relationship between our thoughts and that reality, which often is incredibly subtle, that proves difficult.

     A greater understanding of this underlying reality can make virtually anything we can imagine possible.  I think that scares some people and why people in power have such a vested interest in controlling our thoughts.


What Pluto Has Not

pluto-charon     What is most interesting about Pluto isn’t what we found but what we didn’t find in abundance, craters.  Pluto doesn’t receive much light and heat from the Sun, it was expected to be geologically dead. Pluto and Charon must have internal heat sources, perhaps radioactive elements.

pluto-mountains     Pluto has a lower than expected albedo which lead to an under-estimation of it’s size.  It’s size turns out to be 2370 km  ± 20km.  This makes it somewhat larger than Eris which charon-highresis estimated to be 2320 km.  I find it fascinating that a planet smaller than our own moon and so far out can show such variety and apparent activity.  Pluto and Charon, like Uranus, orbit on their sides suggesting some sort of collision event in the past.  They are tidally locked, like the moon is tidally locked to the Earth always presenting one side, but with Pluto and Charon, both bodies always show the same face to each other.

   That both of these bodies show so much variety in their surface and recent activity leads me to wonder what else in the Kuiper built awaits our discovery.  I’d really like to see a fly-by of Eris now that Pluto and Charon have proven to be such fascinating objects.



Scientific Delirium Madness

     It bothers me that scientific illiteracy exists to the point where something like this can be taken seriously.

     Folks, something to know about CERN, even though it is going to produce collisions at higher energies than anything that has ever been done in a man-made collider, those energies are still at least five orders of magnitude smaller than natural collisions that happen in the atmosphere as high energy cosmic rays slam into molecules there.

     So if CERN could create mini-black holes and those could grow and swallow up the Earth, cosmic rays already would have caused this to happen and we wouldn’t be here.  If these things could destroy our souls, again we wouldn’t be here.

     The person narrating this video obviously has no idea what anti-matter is.  Anti-matter particles have charge and spin that are opposite those of ordinary matter.  Another way to look at it is that it behaves like matter going backwards in time.  There is nothing about it that makes it any wilder than ordinary matter.  However, anti-matter and matter annihilate each other and turn into pure energy when they collide.  That’s why it has to be so carefully contained.

     The amount made at CERN or any other facility isn’t sufficient to make any gigantic explosion.  Nor does it have the potential to be weaponized without significantly more advanced containment technology than we have today.  That technology is extremely unlikely to be developed any time soon and if we did develop it, hydrogen bombs will still make more economical, portable, and deliverable weapons so I doubt it would be adopted for those purposes.

     Just because we don’t understand something doesn’t make it demonic or satanic or evil, and facilities like CERN help us to understand things.  They shine light on the dark and that’s how you get rid of evil.

Science Religion at Physics Forums

     I’ve been banned from Physics Forums for being a “crackpot”.  Oh how well I live?

     If wanting theories to agree with the actual facts is a crackpot so be it.  The old saying that science advances one death at a time is too true.

     I will remain opposed to the Big Bang and the half dozen fudge factors that need to be randomly added to make it work.  Same for the latest impending big collapse.

     What laws of physics drive inflation?  Can we demonstrate them in the lab?  Where is the Dark Matter we need to explain why galaxies don’t behave the way our understanding of gravity says they should?

     How can we measure or observe dark energy in the lab?

     None of these things are observable because they’re all made up to prop up a broken theory.

     If you believe in something without any evidence, it’s religion not science, and that’s what we have at Physics Forums.

Brink of Collapse

     Articles are running in various science magazines telling us that the universe may be on the brink of a collapse.  In those same magazines there are articles telling use CERN is starting up this weekend at unprecedented energy levels that may reveal mini black holes.

     Perhaps these two are not coincidental.  If Steven Hawkins is wrong, and these mini black holes do not evaporate as predicted, but instead stick around sucking up more and more material around them, until the entire Earth is swallowed, for us, our visible universe will have collapsed.

     Honestly though I’m not too worried, CERN is capable of producing slightly over a trillion electron volt energy levels, that’s 1×1012, where as naturally occurring cosmic rays top out at over 1×1016 electron volts.  If CERN was going to create these mini black holes, and if they didn’t evaporate rapidly as Steven Hawkins has predicted, then cosmic rays slamming into atmospheric particles would have already done this for us and I would be writing this with a very small font.

     If, on the other hand, you hear a giant sucking sound followed closely by being crushed to death, well, you’ll know I was wrong.

Nuclear Fission and Volcanic Periodicity

It’s my belief that uranium, concentrated in the Earth’s crust, gradually sinks towards the core-mantle boundary where it occasionally concentrates to the point where a fission chain reaction occurs.  At that point, increased heat and convection disperses it.

If this were not the case, volcanic plumes would not originate at the core-mantle boundary because there is no ongoing source of heat at the core.  The core itself is mostly iron in which uranium and it’s oxides don’t readily dissolve.  So the core does not have heat from ongoing radio-active decay or fission.

We know fission must be taking place because He3 is present in mid-ocean rift gases.  If the only source of heat were normal radio active decay and not a fission chain reaction, we would find only He4 since He3 is not produced in normal radioactive decay.

Quantum Mechanics: MIM Interpretation

I’ve been a proponent of the Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics for years because it best agrees with experimental evidence, and it makes intuitive sense.

I am better able to wrap my mind around the idea that an infinite number of parallel universe exist than I am the idea that our observation is required to bring something out of quantum superimposition into determined reality.

In my view, the Copenhagen interpretation is actually kind of an epiphenomena of the many worlds interpretation.  If the observer in the act of observing an event that can go two ways and does, the observer bifurcates at that point along with the rest of the universe, and so each observer that results saw what happened when the even went a particular direction.

In the traditional view of the Many Worlds interpretation, once that bifurcation takes place, each child universe is totally unaware of the other.

In the new Many Interactive Worlds interpretation there is an interesting rub, the two universes do continue to interact on a quantum level.

This makes perfect sense to me as I would expect that every particle in a given child universe would be quantum entangled with it’s brother in the other child universe, and so quantum interaction between these many worlds would be expected.

There are a couple of interesting ramifications.  The first is that this theory might be testable by designing a test that exploits expected interactions.

The second interesting ramification is that this universe may not be as deterministic as many would like to believe because it is not a closed system given this interaction with parallel worlds.  I think there is much observational evidence of this.

It also suggests a quantum immortality, and I wonder if it’s not responsible for some of the Deja Vu phenomena.  If we come to a point of our death, the event leading to our death is another decision point, it could go one way or the other, in this universe we die, in the parallel universe that bifurcated off at that point we live, and so this tree of life/death universal bifurcation could go on infinitely and in that sense, somehow in some parallel world we’d always exist.

Anyone who is familiar with resonance has to wonder how resonances might cross the world boundaries and by that affect things in different worlds, especially in the realms of thoughts and emotions since quantum level effects seem to be involved in the operation of our synapses.

Visual Temporal Resolution

I’ve read that the rod receptors have a temporal resolution on the order of 50-100ms while the cone receptors have a resolution of around 10-15ms, therefore rods should only be able to detect an intermittent light source flicker of 10-20 HZ while cones should be able to detect intermittent light source flicker of 66-100 Hz.

Since the fovea, that part of the retina that is more densely packed near the center of your vision, contains more cones and few rods, one would think it would be able to detect flicker at higher frequencies than the periphery but this is contrary to my experience.

In the center of my vision I can perceive flicker at 60Hz marginally at 70Hz, not at all at 75Hz, under fairly bright lighting conditions, but at the periphery I can sometimes see the 120Hz flicker of fluorescent lighting and easily see the flicker of tube monitors even at 75Hz.

This seems pretty much backwards from what I would expect given the normal temporal response of rods and cone cells and their populations in the fovea and periphery.