Monthly Archives: July 2016

Speed of Entropy Increase

    In our universe, as time moves forward entropy increases.

     I think most of us assume that this increase is constant over time, but is it?

     I’ve pondered over how the Garden of Eden could exist physically, or how the new Heaven on Earth will exist and the only way I can envision a world without rot and decay and in which predator doesn’t have to eat pray is a world totally lacking in entropy.

     Such a world, such a universe, would be totally ordered perfectly by God and that order would never decline, ever.

     Such a thing would be possible looking at the universe outside of time but then outside of time nothing would change since change is happening inside of time.

     I wonder sometimes if our assumption that entropy is constant is correct?  We measure time using among other things, the rate of radioactive decay and that seems pretty constant, but perhaps if we watched long enough it wouldn’t be constant.  That would really screw up the science of radio-isotope dating.

     But have we any proof that entropy remains constant, that a radioactive material will always and forever decay at the same rate?  Do we know what governs that rate in any absolute provable way?

     Perhaps our assumptions are wrong and then anything we think we know about our ancient Earth or universe is also wrong, at least as far as the timeline goes.