Monthly Archives: October 2015

Polymer Jet Fuel Additive

     Just read about a new polymer jet fuel additive that forms super mega molecules that inhibit misting in a crash but not in a jet engine and thus reduce explosion and fire hazards if a crash occurs.

     What it doesn’t state is what the combustion products of this stuff is, what effect it will have on the environment, and oh are the chemtrails people going to go ape shit over this!

     I think we need fusion reactors small enough to power big aircraft and get away from burning fossil fuels and throwing a huge amount of carbon dioxide into the upper atmosphere where it does the most damage.

     But seriously, aside from the fact that this will no doubt induce cancer in any living organism it touches, the chemtrails folks are going to have a riot over this.  Surely this is being engineered for mass mind control, what other possible reason could their be.

     Already, just because I posted a couple of pictures I took of iridescent clouds I have people telling me it’s the result of chemtrails.  No how about ice crystals.  And it’s not a new phenomena but people being what they are, generally ignorant and paranoid, it’s bound to cause a stir.  I still got a couple of idiots that badger me about the photos.

     So yea, add some polymer to jet fuel, and no doubt it will have something other than carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, maybe some chlorine or fluorine to destroy the ozone layer, and it’s really gonna send the chemtrails folks on a massive group panic attack.