Computer Operating Systems

     In virtually every major computer operating system out there, Windows, MacOS, and Linux, the trend is to try to produce one interface that works on all devices.

     I question the wisdom of this move.  A desktop environment with a three button mouse, a large non-touch screen, and substantial CPU and disk I/O is a world away from a Smart phone, with a tiny touch screen and no mouse that uses gestures to control it.

     As primarily a desktop user, I find the touch oriented interfaces annoying and generally useless.  I find it annoying when an application won’t use 1/4 of my screen because it also has to accommodate a smart phone.

     I find it REALLY annoying when vendors like Microsoft FORCE it upon you.  People who bought Windows-7 which provided a good desktop interface are now being nagged into Windows-10, and if they go with this nag they find they are now locked into their hardware.  If they decide to upgrade their motherboard, guess what, gotta purchase a new copy of Windows 10.

     And then there are the folks whose hardware is not up to running Windows 10, but Microsoft thinks it is, offers them an upgrade which renders their machine inoperable.  I’m in the process of trying to restore a customers machine that was recently victimized in said manner.  Website said it was a device (display) driver issue, but as it turns out even the built-in vga drivers in Windows 10 don’t work on his hardware and there are no compatible display drivers available.

     Funny thing is, Ubuntu Linux 15.10 boots and operates on his hardware just fine but he is brain-washed like most Microsoft customers and not willing to make the switch.  So back to Windows 7 we go.

3 thoughts on “Computer Operating Systems

  1. Melinda

    I agree. I know lots of people who find Windows 8 and Windows 10 annoying desktop and laptop interfaces.

    I’m using Windows only because I attend webinars for professional development and the companies that provide the webinar services (Go To Meeting and Join Me are the ones I’ve used) don’t support Linux. I wish there was a work around (maybe there is and I just haven’t found it).

    1. Nanook Post author

      A lot of those webinars only work with Internet Exploder, then you’re kind of screwed, well, you can run some versions of Exploder in Wine, I’ve done it but it’s ugly. Others will work with Chrome under Linux.

      1. Nanook Post author

        I’m curious what you find “ugly” about running Explorer in Wine, other than Explorer itself of course?
        I’ve done it also and it looks just like Explorer in Windows to me, save for not quite as slow.

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