Monthly Archives: August 2007

Nasa Tether Experiment Video Follow-up

This is a follow-up regarding a NASA tether video I had posted earlier.

After the tether broke, this video gives the impression of living things swarming the tether. They seem to have internal structure, and they appear to be huge, given that the kilometer long tether is 88 nautical miles away by this time.

However, this video, which is widely distributed, is an excerpt of a longer video and in that longer video there is a point where the focus shifts from the tether far away to up close, at which point the dust particles come into focus and can be seen for what they are, then it shifts back to the tether.

The video when seen in full proves that NASA’s rather mundane explanation for these objects, that they are simply out of focus dust particles, is the correct one.

I am curious as to the nature of the cameras they use on the shuttle. I haven’t seen artifacts like that created by any camera I have ever used.