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I’d like to know the details of the machine referred to in this article.  It refers to using an electromagnetic field to contort space-time, enough to change the observed speed of an electric fan.

Often I hear people ask the question, if time travel is possible, where are the time travel tourists?  It may be possible but risky and expensive, keeping it out of the realm of tourism, but perhaps not out of the realm of more practical applications like the solution to where do you go when you’re sun is running low on fuel, expanding, and cooking your home world.  To another solar system perhaps, or perhaps into the past.

I think that the greys maybe time travelers from the future escaping just such a scenario.  I’m assuming if you’re reading this you’re familiar with the net-lore surrounding the “greys”, usually accepted as “alien” beings from another star system coming here to make a hybrid race, to replace us.  The television series “V” really played that one up to the max.  I wish NetFlix carried it, would love to re-watch that series.

It makes a lot more sense to me if the aliens are time travelers from our distant future.  Think about it. Hominid creatures that evolved independently on another planet might be very similar to us functionally.  There are many examples on Earth where independent creatures arose that were very similar owing to their environmental niches being very similar.  But the likelihood of an independently evolved alien hominid being being genetically similar enough to us to create a hybrid is near zero.  Not only would the genetics be likely vastly different, but also the cellular machinery that interprets the genetics is probably quite different. Creating a hybrid with a distant ancestor?  That would seem a much more doable proposition.  The genetics would be similar enough to have a chance at a viable combination.  The cellular machinery would know how to correctly interpret the genetic material.

The reason the greys might be grey and have those big black eyes might be the same as the reason they would want to come back in time and create a hybrid.  Consider, if humanity does manage to get it’s collective shit together and manage this planet in a sustainable manner, well sustainable so long as the Sun holds out and civilization goes on, continues to advance technologically, and eventually develops time travel.  The sun is eating up it’s hydrogen, still billions of years from being out of hydrogen, none the less, it’s starting to expand and it’s peak output is now in the near infrared rather than visible range.

Suppose plant life adapted to this new spectral output by evolving something equivalent to chlorophyll which instead of working as a two-step process capturing a red and blue photon, instead used a three or four step process using near infrared photons.  No longer having much need for visible light the plants mostly reflect it non-selectively appearing shades of white or grey to our eyes, but having pigments that selectively absorb in the near infrared, appear colorful and vibrant to beings having vision in that region.  The Sun being overall dimmer in the visible region, almost no ultraviolet output, no need for pigments that provide protection in these areas.  So these greys over hundreds of millions of years adapt.  They develop skin without much in the way of pigments active in our visual spectrum.  They develop large eyes capable of taking in more light and focusing effectively at longer wavelengths.

They’ve adapted as far as they can.  Plant growth is dying off.  Two little light of sufficient energy to grow efficiently. Too much atmosphere has been lost into space, it is now at sea level what it is like at 14,000 feet now.  Little can grow under these conditions and an entire race must abandon ship that is the Earth in the distant future.  But where to go?  Suppose they’ve developed time travel that can move the masses efficiently, but interstellar travel is just not sufficiently developed to transfer an entire planets population.  So they decide to go back into the distant past, and it makes sense to go back as far as they can but to where there is some industrial infrastructure and population they can exploit to jump start the continuation of their civilization.

They have to undo adaptations that will no longer be appropriate.  They need eyes that see in the present day peak spectral output of the sun, what is visible spectrum to us.  They need skin with pigments that protect them from our present day Suns ultraviolet output.  They need to blend in so we don’t rebel and kill all of them upon arrival.  They do so by creating a hybrid race which preserves desired genetic traits from their own time and exploits desirable traits more suitably adapted to our time.

They don’t have to worry about messing up their own past, because the multiverse has created a new world in response to their arrival here.  You see, in their past, nobody came back from the future. We differ from their ancestors, and our history differs from their ancestors in this way.  By going back into the past, they have created an entirely different timeline.  Still, the genetics are the same and so the compatibility is there for creating a hybrid race.

For us, the natives to this time line this isn’t a good thing.  It’s rather like what happened to native Americans when the Europeans came to the North American continent, it was not good for the indigenous population.  They’ll exploit us to get the industrial capacity they need in place, and then when we’re no longer needed, we’ll be culled to make room for their own hybrid race.

None of this can happen unless time travel is possible in a practical sense.  Exploiting a wormhole or black hole, is probably not a practical option for achieving time travel because there are none convenient, even if it were possible for us to transverse one without being crushed in the process.  So that gets me back to, I’d really like to know if there is anything real to the above article.