Spam Filtering

     I am happy to report that at least one phishing scam I’ve received after installing the anti-phishing scam plugin was successfully diverted to my spam box so it is at least catching some.

     I’ve also added a botnet plugin that looks for IP’s of known botnet’s and deflects those spams to your spambox.

     Lastly, I’ve modified the spamtrap function so when you forward spam to, in addition to being applied to local Bayesian filters, it is also sent to several centralized spam blocking sites that use the information to construct RBL’s and other anti-spam measures.

     So if you receive a spam, Bounce or Forward, (Bounce is preferable if your mailer has that capability as it preserves all the original headers) to

Phishing Scams – Spam Filter

     I am sure that you, like myself, are getting tired of being inundated by phishing scams.

     I have added a new plugin to spamassassin which is designed to catch phishing scams.  It works by looking for the URL’s of known phishing websites in incoming e-mails.  It remains to be seen how effective this is but any reduction in the onslaught is good.

     Positives will be sent to your ‘spam’ folder rather than INBOX.


Mail Issues

     There were problems with the pop/imap/smtp service this morning after the reboots.  At some point between this reboot and the previous, a Ubuntu update overwrote my systemd configuration file for dovecot, the imap/pop3 server.  My changes to this file were designed to cause dovecot startup to wait until after the /misc file system, where I have the encryption certificates for the domain, mounted.

     Because those were gone, the encryption certificates were unavailable so dovecot failed to start.  Because dovecot SASL is used for authentication in postfix, postfix also failed to function on the client mail server.  This was corrected around 7:30AM Pacific time.