X2Go MacOS

     The most recent X2Go client mostly works with MacOS.  There is a problem however, it only works if you use sh, ksh, bash, or some other Bourne shell derivative here.  If you use csh, tcsh, or other non Bourne shell derived shell it will fail to map the keyboard correctly.  This is because it uses bash (and apparently only the /bin/sh subset of commands) to execute xmodmap to do keyboard mapping.  It only does this on MacOS, and consequently this only is a problem if you are originating from a Mac OS/X based machine.

Shellx Reboot Saturday May 2nd

      I will need to reboot shellx to load a new kernel which has some capabilities that are required by some services on shellx.  I will be doing this later this evening (Saturday May 2nd).

O1 Access Numbers Resolved

     This is the current status of the ticket.  The outage was caused by a fiber cut that has been repaired. If you encounter any further problems please contact support@eskimo.com or call us at (206) 812-0051.  Thank you.

5/2/2015 11:10:00 AMGenoZ


Our carrier reports the issue should now be resolved. We have placed multiple test calls through the reported access numbers and can no longer replicate any issues.

Please retest and let us know if you see any further issues.

Thank you.

Windows Virus Scans

If you have a computer running Windows and haven’t run a virus scan recently, I highly recommend you do so.  I have a little XP Box that I use for nothing other than playing an online MMORPG or occasionally burning a DVD.  Most of the time it’s powered down and even it managed to pick up a virus despite the fact that I neither web browse or e-mail with it and I’ve got all unnecessary services turned off.

     I’ve also seen a huge up tick in the number of botnet brute force password guessing attempts, from on the order of around 300 a day to over 2000 in the last few days, a sure sign some new nasty Windows malware is circulating.

     In addition to whatever anti-virus you normally use, I highly recommend installing Malware Bytes and enabling root kit and full machine scans and doing a scan with it.  In my experience, it often finds things no other anti-viral software does.  For Anti-Virus software, I use AVG, Kaspersky is also good though heavier weight, it consumes a lot of CPU, and not good on a gaming machine.  I do not recommend Norton or McAfee as many of the support calls I get from customers not able to get or send e-mail often resolve by disabling one of these two.

Infocom Games

     A variety of Infocom games are now available to play on all of the shell servers except the old ‘eskimo.com’ server.

     These are all in /usr/games, so either include /usr/games in your $PATH or specify the full path name, for example, /usr/games/zork_1 to play the game.

     Thanks to Bill Vance for providing the necessary information on where to get these and how to run them.


     Since the only person logged into Ubuntu had been idle for two days, I decided to take it down and image it this afternoon.  I’m going to do the same for the other machines if they are idle.

     The work on Ubuntu is finished.  It is available for use.

Maintenance Friday 4/24 10PM – Saturday 4/25 2AM

     I’ve got quite a lot of maintenance work to do Friday evening through early Saturday morning.  This will involve rebooting the host machines to make active various updates and fixes as well as most of the guest machines.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to complete everything in a four hour span so if not will pick up and continue Saturday evening.

     I will be doing machines that are either duplicated or presently don’t have users on them first and then after midnight shellx, mail, and the web server as well as the host machines which will take everything down for about twenty minutes.

     This work is necessary to image machines I’ve done a lot of work on so that work isn’t lost if it is necessary to restore from backups, load new kernels on some machines, and other updates such as dbus daemons and glibc on others, as well as to capture the Python3 install on backups.Modern Computer