Monthly Archives: September 2015


     Years ago I read a book about the idea that the Universe was holographic in nature.  I can not remember the title or author but it dealt with the implicate or enfolded order that is not visible to use and the explicit order that is visible.

     At the time the idea did not have much intrigue for me but now after several decades of observations and thoughts it does.

     I have noticed that many ancient civilizations and present day Shamans come to some of the same conclusions about the nature of reality, even though they use different language and arrive at those ideas quite differently, that seem to have parallels with some understandings of quantum physics.

     The Dance of Shiva and Bohm’s idea of a holomovement seem to describe very much the same understanding of the underlying nature of the universe, except the creation and destruction are really just different explicit manifestations of the underlying implicate order.

     There are people who have a strictly materialistic view that has everything being a construction of physical stuff and the result of the ordering of physical stuff.  That view fails when you look at things like the collapse of a quantum wave function as the result of an observation.

     You have people who take the opposite tact, and believe that everything is a physical manifestation of thought and that thought underlies everything.

     My own take, based primarily on a number of what would be described as paranormal, personal experiences, is that it’s not a case of thought affecting matter and vice versa, it’s that they are different aspects of the same stuff, and that as we have free will over our thoughts and can change them, we can also change our material reality.  It’s understanding the relationship between our thoughts and that reality, which often is incredibly subtle, that proves difficult.

     A greater understanding of this underlying reality can make virtually anything we can imagine possible.  I think that scares some people and why people in power have such a vested interest in controlling our thoughts.