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Scientific Delirium Madness

     It bothers me that scientific illiteracy exists to the point where something like this can be taken seriously.

     Folks, something to know about CERN, even though it is going to produce collisions at higher energies than anything that has ever been done in a man-made collider, those energies are still at least five orders of magnitude smaller than natural collisions that happen in the atmosphere as high energy cosmic rays slam into molecules there.

     So if CERN could create mini-black holes and those could grow and swallow up the Earth, cosmic rays already would have caused this to happen and we wouldn’t be here.  If these things could destroy our souls, again we wouldn’t be here.

     The person narrating this video obviously has no idea what anti-matter is.  Anti-matter particles have charge and spin that are opposite those of ordinary matter.  Another way to look at it is that it behaves like matter going backwards in time.  There is nothing about it that makes it any wilder than ordinary matter.  However, anti-matter and matter annihilate each other and turn into pure energy when they collide.  That’s why it has to be so carefully contained.

     The amount made at CERN or any other facility isn’t sufficient to make any gigantic explosion.  Nor does it have the potential to be weaponized without significantly more advanced containment technology than we have today.  That technology is extremely unlikely to be developed any time soon and if we did develop it, hydrogen bombs will still make more economical, portable, and deliverable weapons so I doubt it would be adopted for those purposes.

     Just because we don’t understand something doesn’t make it demonic or satanic or evil, and facilities like CERN help us to understand things.  They shine light on the dark and that’s how you get rid of evil.

Science Religion at Physics Forums

     I’ve been banned from Physics Forums for being a “crackpot”.  Oh how well I live?

     If wanting theories to agree with the actual facts is a crackpot so be it.  The old saying that science advances one death at a time is too true.

     I will remain opposed to the Big Bang and the half dozen fudge factors that need to be randomly added to make it work.  Same for the latest impending big collapse.

     What laws of physics drive inflation?  Can we demonstrate them in the lab?  Where is the Dark Matter we need to explain why galaxies don’t behave the way our understanding of gravity says they should?

     How can we measure or observe dark energy in the lab?

     None of these things are observable because they’re all made up to prop up a broken theory.

     If you believe in something without any evidence, it’s religion not science, and that’s what we have at Physics Forums.

Brink of Collapse

     Articles are running in various science magazines telling us that the universe may be on the brink of a collapse.  In those same magazines there are articles telling use CERN is starting up this weekend at unprecedented energy levels that may reveal mini black holes.

     Perhaps these two are not coincidental.  If Steven Hawkins is wrong, and these mini black holes do not evaporate as predicted, but instead stick around sucking up more and more material around them, until the entire Earth is swallowed, for us, our visible universe will have collapsed.

     Honestly though I’m not too worried, CERN is capable of producing slightly over a trillion electron volt energy levels, that’s 1×1012, where as naturally occurring cosmic rays top out at over 1×1016 electron volts.  If CERN was going to create these mini black holes, and if they didn’t evaporate rapidly as Steven Hawkins has predicted, then cosmic rays slamming into atmospheric particles would have already done this for us and I would be writing this with a very small font.

     If, on the other hand, you hear a giant sucking sound followed closely by being crushed to death, well, you’ll know I was wrong.