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Apr 28

Magnetic Anomaly

On a mailing list that I am on someone described an experiment in which they made a transformer where the primary consisted of a normal winding of insulted copper wire. The transformer was one designed to be easily disassembled for … Read More

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Apr 22


The ingenuity of some people is beyond belief. Take a look at this article in the New Scientist. I’ve heard of people spying on computer data by detecting the radio frequency emissions from the monitor and it is not real … Read More

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Apr 17

Gravitoelectric Force

After an UFO encounter which I had 38 years ago, I’ve been convinced there is some coupling between the electromagnetic force, space, time, and gravity. There has been much anecdotal evidence. Magnetic effects and materials seem to be strongly associated … Read More

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Apr 13

The Krone Experiment

Normally I would be disinclined to mention a movie on a science and technology blog, however, The Krone Experiment plays on a particular fear that I have. Scientists are attempting to create black holes in an accelerator. The idea being … Read More

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Apr 09

Wayward Star

There is something strangely satisfying when nature thumbs her nose at our scientific theories. This article in describes a star gone super-nova too soon, just hours after a major star eruption. I’ve never been completely comfortable with the theories … Read More

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Apr 04

Science Toys

Ran across a site called ““, Science Toys. This site has a plethora of simple science toys you can build. For example, look at this article on building a three penny radio. I wonder if Bill knows about this site. … Read More

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