Telluric Currents

Telluric currents are electrical currents flowing within the Earth or ocean water. I first stumbled upon the phenomena in the late 70’s when I experimented with something known as a ghost line. This was a method of sending telegraphy without wires by using the Earth itself as a conductive medium and two sets of parallel electrodes like so:

Ghost Line

At the sending station, a battery was keyed into two set of ground rods that were separated as far as practical and were perpendicular to the direction that it was desired to send the signal. At the receiving station, a similar pair of ground stakes was connected to a sensitive relay or other sensitive detecting device. The earth being partially conductive then acted like a voltage divider and a portion of the battery voltage keyed into the first set of ground rods, 1-2, would appear at the second set 3-4.

This was used during WWI to telegraph messages to a location inside of enemy lines. It wasn’t practical to run wires across enemy lines because they could either be cut or followed to your location.

I was experimenting with sending audio this way rather than just keyed DC voltages, but one thing I discovered early on was that I could measure a voltage between the two ground rods I had places in our back yard. This couldn’t have been due to battery action because both ground rods were copper so there were no dissimilar metals.

The voltages and currents involved where small but still I found it fascinating that current would come out of the Earth. Also, the current would vary from day to night and also in seemingly random manner.

Today it is thought these currents are induced into the Earth as the result of short-term changes in the magnetosphere, conductive ocean water moving across magnetic lines of force, and leakage currents from the Earth’s internal dynamo.

Atmosphere to Earth currents are not considered because it is thought that they have a low value of only 1000-2000 A. I believe this to be incorrect and I believe there is evidence to support this. In spite of mainstream science insisting that Auroras are 50+ miles up, there are many many accounts on the part of Alaskans of the Auroras coming down to Earth, including crackling sounds and the smell of ozone. I have read accounts of a writhing electrical snake taking lives. I have read an account by a chemist of such coming through his laboratory and doing a great deal of damage as well as leaving him with sunburn like burns. I believe these things do happen and that this also contributes to telluric currents.

At any rate; the phenomena is still not entirely understood today although major contributing factors are understood, there are still rapid changes that are not well understood.

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  1. Mike

    Couldn’t agree with you more regarding the telluric currents and the high-altitude aspect.

    Plasma cosmologists and plasma physicists have been saying this for over 100 years (since Birkeland proposed the auroral link to the Sun) and the proof has been rolling in so that Mainstreamists in Astrophysics can no longer effectively even deny it. We have proof of the plasma/electromagnetic circuit from the THEMIS satellites, proof of high-altitude lightning (elves, sprites, and blue jets), and we’ve already known about low-altitude lightning (but it has ever-so-been denied it’s role in any form of the solar circuit). All that remains is to investigate how the circuit is completed *through* the Earth… and you would think geologists would be clamoring loudly for the chance to do so!

    Yet the ‘Mainstream, traditional proponents of the horse-and-buggy era theory of ‘gravitation and thermodynamics ONLY’ view of the Universe will not allow it, it seems. Why do ALL the Sciences bow so low to Astronomy and Astreophysics, I wonder? What cards did those currently in charge of those teo sciences play tha t allowed them- the two Sciences with the *least* ability to prove their theories by empirical experiment- to control what shall be considered considered as ‘acceptable’ physics and what shall be considered ‘unfit’ for public consumption? How??

    It boggles my mind, and saddens me as well.

    NASA and the other mainstream bodies are even now saying that they realize that the Sun effects Earth’s weather, but “the mechanism of the interaction is still unknown”… bah! Wasteful, parasitic depletion of taxpayer’s hard-earned money! The IEEE (the largest and oldest association of engineers on our planet) has posted papers on plasma physics and the electrical nature of solar physics for *decades*… and they continue to re-invent the wheel daily, acting as though every confirmation of these same papers by modern experiments is some kind of ‘new discovery’ that they can attach their names to and become famous for.

    Such is the way of ‘Modern’ Science.

    Anyone interested in learning more about the electrical nature of the Earth, Sun, solar system, or the Universe around us I invite to discover more- simply enter ‘electric Sun’, ‘plasma cosmology’, ‘plasma Universe’, or ‘Thunderbolts of the gods’ in your favorite search engine, and then allow the light of discovery push away the enforced ignorance placed before the eyes of a deceived public.

    It’s time the world was shown ALL the facts… not just some few bits of them that were handpicked to ationalize the continued employment of those currently dictating to the world what the Truth is.


    Mike H.

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