You Have Comcast and Trouble Sending e-Mail?

Comcast has taken to blocking port 25, the normal outgoing SMTP port. You can work around the problem by changing your outgoing SMTP port either to port 2525 or port 587.

I would also encourage you to let Comcast know this is unacceptable.  Otherwise, they may continue to block additional ports and your Internet functionality will continue to degrade.

4 thoughts on “You Have Comcast and Trouble Sending e-Mail?

  1. I’m just back from Arizona where I have another internet provider. I have changed all my account settings in Microsoft Outlook. Everything works except my ability to SEND outgoing mail. What do I do next?? I’m not overly computer savvy! Thanks.

    • In outlook, change the outgoing SMTP port to 2525. You’ll have to do this for the account you are using. If you do this outgoing mail should send.

  2. I tried sending through ports 587 and 2525, both also used by, but to no avail. As a work around I copied from Thunderbird (or used another mailer if I had another one), and then pasted to the Comcast e-mail window, and sent it via Comcast that way. It seemed to work!

  3. Port 587 and port 465 require authentication, you must configure your mail program to send Password. Port 587 can work plain-text or by using STARTTLS can do encryption. Port 465 starts up in TLS encryption. Port 2525 works with plain-text but it is a non-standard port and some mailers have problems with it.

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