New Mail Server Woes

I am still working out configuration issues with the first of three new mail servers.

Today I discovered that I had neglected to specify a maximum message size so Postfix defaulted to 10MB.  We had the old server set to 50MB, and I’ve now corrected this.

Some of you are posting on Yahoo Groups.  I am restricted from using social media at present and so I can not view or respond to those posts there.

Please bring your mail and other service concerns to my attention by either e-mailing or giving us a call at 1-800-246-6874, or 206-812-0051.  You can also visit our web forum at

When you have a problem with e-mail, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not send generic messages like “email is being blocked”, or all my friends can’t e-mail me.  E-mail problems are almost always specific to addresses or at the very least specific servers and when logs show we’ve processed 2 million messages a day successfully, then a statement that e-mail isn’t working is not meaningful.

Instead, please provide the “From:” and “To:” addresses, the date the problem occurred, and if you got a bounce message, what the message said.  This will allow me to determine what the problem is and if it’s on our end, to fix it, and if it’s not on our end, to forward the necessary information to the originating site for them to be able to fix it.

Last year I replaced our web server, and initially we had some configuration issues like these to nail down.  I’d like to point out that they were resolved and we haven’t had a single web outage since.  The same will be true of mail once these issues are worked out, but switching to an entirely different hardware and software platform is not without it’s challenges.