Business and Personal Web Hosting Plans Revised

Business and Personal web hosting plans have been changed.

I created these plans with a transfer quota after which there were charges for data export because we have costs for data transferred and at the lower costs of these plans verses virtual domains, I couldn’t just work the averages like we do with virtual domains.

I realize this creates an uncertainty that many people are uncomfortable with, so I’ve changed the terms of these plans so that rather than having a potentially huge data export fee, you will only be required to upgrade to a plan that will support the amount of traffic your site generates in the event your traffic exceeds the plans data quota.

We haven’t had a single unplanned outage of the web service since replacing the server back on December 7th, 2012 and the machine is fast, has current software, and quite a few capabilities.  I had really expected web hosting sales to be better.  I am hoping this change will help.

If there are other capabilities that we lack that are important to your needs, please contact us at or on our forum or BBS, or even use the comments here, and let me know.