Servers for Lease

We will soon be offering servers for lease.  These will be virtual machines using KVM under CentOS 6.4, running a guest OS of CentOS 6.4.  These will basically be exactly the same platform as the web, ftp server, and shellx shell server here (and other services are being moved to this platform).

All the details haven’t been decided yet, but basically this will offer you the capability of having a server for your own needs, upon which you have root access and can configure however you like within the bounds of the IP addresses provided and that it not be used for anything illegal or unethical or negatively impact customer service such as things which continuously consume CPU such as bitcoin mining, seti@home, etc.

We will not be allowing public IRC servers for the time being because of their tendency to draw denial of service attacks that interfere with all other services, but games, e-commerce, most other applications will be allowed.

Things like MMORPGs, E-commerce, your own web hosting setup, etc, will be okay.  I would very much like your ideas and comments concerning this in the early stages so that I can design the product around your needs.