Spam Filtering for

Presently, this only effects * addresses.  I have not yet moved * and hosted domains to the new system.

The daemonized version of spam assassin was not working as documented.  In particular, it rejected anything above the spam threshold rather than tagging and it did not read user preference files.

I’ve totally changed how spamassassin is “wired in” to the mail system now.  Instead of using a milter that talked to spamd, spamassassin is now being called by procmail for ever incoming mail, it tags it, then anything above the spam threshold is placed in a ‘spam’ mailbox.

In your directory there will be a subdirectory called .spamassassin, and in it a file called user_prefs.  By editing this file, you can change the threshold score, whitelist or blacklist users, or change any spamassassin rules.

If you find this directory not owned by you, please contact support and we will fix that.  Some files were created with the wrong permissions early on.