Bring a Friend… Tell me what you need?

I’ve been working hard over the last year to upgrade and update the infrastructure.  New web and ftp servers, new shell servers, entirely new mail infrastructure, new DNS servers, a move to a new co-location facility.

The new shell server supports a graphical user interface, is much faster than the old servers, and much more robust and stable.  It has a far richer set of applications than the old.  I’ve increased the standard disk quota from 400MB to 1GB.

The new mail servers allow encrypted sessions from customers (SSL or TLS) and when they connect to remote sites that also have TLS capability, they send and receive e-mail over the Internet TLS encrypted.  We allow up to 50MB of attachments though not all remote sites will receive attachments that large.

We’ve fixed many problems such as the inability to initiate a pop-3 session if you are at quota, or problems that resulted when your e-mail as accessed via multiple devices.

We’ve greatly enhanced the spam filtering and changed things so that spam is now kept in your spam folder rather than rejected giving you the option of reviewing it in the event expected mail does not arrive.  You now have the ability to configure spam filtering individually, to whitelist or blacklist addresses or domains, to set the sensitivity of spam filtering, or to adjust individual rules.

The new client mail server allows multiple imap sessions from multiple devices concurrently.

Our mail service allows you to receive e-mail by webmail, shell mailers, imap, or pop and you can freely switch between the different methods at your convenience.

No longer are we suffering the service outages of the past, web and mail are now stable.

In spite of all these things, I’m not seeing an increase in new users, and to survive long term, I need to increase the user base.  Also, from a purely personal standpoint, I really miss the old days when we had a pretty strong local community here.

So, please, tell me what you need to make Eskimo valuable for you and that would help you feel good about telling new potential customers about us.

You can leave comments here, post on our Forums at, or e-mail support.  I’d really appreciate it if you’d post on the forums as I’d like to get a good discussion going so that the future of Eskimo can be driven by your needs and desires.