Projects in the Works…

New server for customer virtual servers is not behaving and now I am waiting on new RAM to arrive, expect that to happen about mid-July, then will be testing for several days to make sure it really fixes the problem.

Bayesian filtering for spamassassin system-wide, working on that, don’t have an ETA just yet but soon.

Working on upgrading the radius servers.  These really won’t affect service greatly as they are only used for dialup and DSL authentication but they and two shell servers ( and are all that remain on old hardware and I’m trying to phase the rest of the old stuff out as it is  unmaintainable.

Also working on finding software that will run on the current platform to handle accounting as I’m also doing that on an old machine.

New help files for mail are in the works, I’ve taken screen shots for several common mailers (Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, and Thunderbird) and
am working on new web pages to replace the current out of date pages.

Working on getting the main web server SSL enabled, support is compiled in but working to get ‘’ certificate in place and configured properly.

After I get the website SSL enabled, I am going to work on adding ability for customers to do things like alter spam settings, check quota, account status, etc, online.

Once I get SSL working for our website it will also be an option for customers with virtual domains or web hosting plans here.

Generally working towards bringing the entire website to HTML5 compliance.

These are some of the projects currently in the works just to let you folks all know what is in progress.