Making WordPress Go Faster

For those of you who have WordPress blogs (or other web applications that can benefit from caching), we have memcached installed on the web server.

To take advantage of it, WordPress needs a plugin, and although there are many that are available, unless you like endlessly fiddling with configurations to get things to work, I recommend “Tribe Object Cache” because it is very simple to install and it is also effective at improving overall speed of your WordPress blog or other applications that are able to take advantage of memcached.

To install Tribe Object Cache on your WordPress blog, all you have to do is go to the Dashbord, select Plugins, and then Select “Add New”.  In the Search box put the words “tribe cache” and it will be the first thing to show up.  Select install tribe object cache now, and then activate tribe object cache now, and that’s it!

This will cause various objects to be cached in memory speeding up your blog or other memcached enabled web application.