Citadel / Tomcat / Guacamole

Citadel hasn’t exactly been a resounding success.  It has not been fully functional owing to conflicts with other things present on the server.

Citadel conflicts with Tomcat preventing Tomcat from becoming operational.  Tomcat provides Java containers or servlets. I am going to remove Citadel for now so that I can get Tomcat working.

Tomcat is required by Guacamole. Guacamole provides a means to access a remote desktop with only an HTML5 and AJAX capable web browser.

This won’t replace NX as NX does many things to compress data and reduce latency and has some capabilities that Guacamole doesn’t have yet.  But it will make remote desktops available to many more devices.

After I get this working, I will setup a new server for Citadel.  Citadel wants access to so many resources that it pretty much conflicts with almost anything else on the same machine.  Much of it’s functionality is unavailable now because the web server, and other services are using ports which Citadel wants to use.