I’ve spent the last year and a half pretty much re-working Eskimo’s infrastructure to address reliability, speed, and functional issues.

Now things are stable, fast, and more capable.  For example, mail now supports SSL or TLS encryption, not only between your mail client and our server, but also between other TLS encrypted servers.

Mail now supports access from multiple devices simultaneously without corrupting your INBOX.

Your INBOX quota has increased from 200MB to 1GB and even if quota is reached, you will always be able to retrieve your mail.  You will never be locked out because of the need for pop to duplicate your INBOX and not having the quota to do so.

Mail now allows you to customize spam filtering and has much more advanced virus and spam filtering than it had in the past.

Shell now supports graphical access and a full remote desktop, is much faster, and has many new applications including a full office suite, web development applications, software development applications, financial, and scientific applications.

The web server now supports SSL encryption and in addition has modern versions of PHP, Perl, and MySQL.  It’s also reliable and fast.

All of these improvements have reduced the rate that people leave but hasn’t increased the rate that new customers come and that’s a problem.

Please tell me what you need to make this relevant and useful to you today and also something that you’d want to tell your friends about.

You can e-mail or me personally at

Thank you.