X2Go Remote Desktop With SOUND!

We’ve got a new way to connect graphically now, called x2go.

Go to http://www.x2go.org/

Go to the downloads section and download the client for your operating system, Windows, Mac, or various incarnations of Linux.  If you’re running CentOS or Scientific Linux, use the Fedora client, it works fine.

X2Go supports Sound in addition to display so now you can connect to shellx and get a remote desktop where sound works!

(I had sound working and now I broke it, but not sure if I just broke it for my account or everybody.  Also, the Mac client doesn’t work right, at least under Linux, the keyboard is scrambled.)

And, it’s EASY to setup.  All you need to do is create a new profile, put in the hostname, “shellx.eskimo.com”, select Gnome and full screen mode preferably (though you’re welcome to try the other display managers, I haven’t yet), and click on the profile.

Type in your password and go!

There is a problem with the Mac client, at least on Lion it won’t accept input at the password prompt.  I’d love to here from other Mac users with respect to this.

Okay there’s some bugs but this is new and it’s being actively developed so they’ll be worked out.