Outage Saturday December 14th, 2013

I apologize for the downtime Saturday December 14th evening.

A new server failed earlier in the day. It wasn’t in use yet except
as a backup but because file systems were NFS mounted from it, anytime a
customer used something that referenced those file systems such as ‘df’ or
‘quota’, the process hung waiting for it to respond eventually cluttering
up memory on shellx.

To stop this, I had to unmount the file systems from that machine but
I needed to reboot the file server which has users home directories on it
in order to do that. I should have used the force option because
otherwise the reboot also is going to wait for the machine that is dead to
respond and I forgot to do that.

The whole mess necessitated a trip to the co-location facility to
restore, and while I was there I fixed some start-up script errors and
applied some updates which required a few more reboots to apply and test.

On another note, if anyone is considering content management systems
like Drupal, Concrete5, Joomla, or WordPress, they will all run fine on
our platform. If you need help getting them running please e-mail support
and I’ll be glad to help you get them setup.

The same is true for Coppermine, Gallery, MyBB, phpBB, or other PHP

Thank you for your patience and I apologize for the interruption.