Web Server Upgraded to Apache 2.4.7

The web server has been upgraded to Apache 2.4.7, Apr has been upgraded to 1.5.0, and Apr-Util to 1.5.3

Changes with Apache 2.4.7

*) APR 1.5.0 or later is now required for the event MPM.
Apr has been upgraded to 1.5.0, Event MPM is being used.

*) slotmem_shm: Error detection. [Jim Jagielski]

*) event: Use skiplist data structure. [Jim Jagielski]

*) mpm_unix: Add ap_mpm_podx_* implementation to avoid code duplication
and align w/ trunk. [Jim Jagielski]

*) Fix potential rejection of valid MaxMemFree and ThreadStackSize
directives. [Mike Rumph ]

*) mod_proxy_fcgi: Remove 64K limit on encoded length of all envvars.
An individual envvar with an encoded length of more than 16K will be
omitted. [Jeff Trawick]

*) mod_proxy_fcgi: Handle reading protocol data that is split between
packets. [Jeff Trawick]

*) mod_ssl: Improve handling of ephemeral DH and ECDH keys by
allowing custom parameters to be configured via SSLCertificateFile,
and by adding standardized DH parameters for 1024/2048/3072/4096 bits.
Unless custom parameters are configured, the standardized parameters
are applied based on the certificate’s RSA/DSA key size. [Kaspar Brand]

*) mod_ssl, configure: Require OpenSSL 0.9.8a or later. [Kaspar Brand]

*) mod_ssl: drop support for export-grade ciphers with ephemeral RSA
keys, and unconditionally disable aNULL, eNULL and EXP ciphers
(not overridable via SSLCipherSuite). [Kaspar Brand]

*) Add experimental cmake-based build system for Windows. [Jeff Trawick,
Tom Donovan]

*) event MPM: Fix possible crashes (third party modules accessing c->sbh)
or occasional missed mod_status updates for some keepalive requests
under load. [Eric Covener]

*) mod_authn_socache: Support optional initialization arguments for
socache providers. [Chris Darroch]

*) mod_session: Reset the max-age on session save. PR 47476. [Alexey
Varlamov ]

*) mod_session: After parsing the value of the header specified by the
SessionHeader directive, remove the value from the response. PR 55279.
[Graham Leggett]

*) mod_headers: Allow for format specifiers in the substitution string
when using Header edit. [Daniel Ruggeri]

*) mod_dav: dav_resource->uri is treated as unencoded. This was an
unnecessary ABI changed introduced in 2.4.6. PR 55397.

*) mod_dav: Don’t require lock tokens for COPY source. PR 55306.

*) core: Don’t truncate output when sending is interrupted by a signal,
such as from an exiting CGI process. PR 55643. [Jeff Trawick]

*) WinNT MPM: Exit the child if the parent process crashes or is terminated.
[Oracle Corporation]

*) Windows: Correct failure to discard stderr in some error log
configurations. (Error message AH00093) [Jeff Trawick]

*) mod_session_crypto: Allow using exec: calls to obtain session
encryption key. [Daniel Ruggeri]

*) core: Add missing Reason-Phrase in HTTP response headers.
PR 54946. [Rainer Jung]

*) mod_rewrite: Make rewrite websocket-aware to allow proxying.
PR 55598. [Chris Harris ]

*) mod_ldap: When looking up sub-groups, use an implicit objectClass=*
instead of an explicit cn=* filter. [David Hawes ]

*) ab: Add wait time, fix processing time, and output write errors only if
they occured. [Christophe Jaillet]

*) worker MPM: Don’t forcibly kill worker threads if the child process is
exiting gracefully. [Oracle Corporation]

*) core: apachectl -S prints wildcard name-based virtual hosts twice.
PR54948 [Eric Covener]

*) mod_auth_basic: Add AuthBasicUseDigestAlgorithm directive to
allow migration of passwords from digest to basic authentication.
[Chris Darroch]

*) ab: Add a new -l parameter in order not to check the length of the responses.
This can be usefull with dynamic pages.
PR9945, PR27888, PR42040 []

*) Suppress formatting of startup messages written to the console when
ErrorLogFormat is used. [Jeff Trawick]

*) mod_auth_digest: Be more specific when the realm mismatches because the
realm has not been specified. [Graham Leggett]

*) mod_proxy: Add a note in the balancer manager stating whether changes
will or will not be persisted and whether settings are inherited.
[Daniel Ruggeri, Jim Jagielski]

*) mod_cache: Avoid a crash with strcmp() when the hostname is not provided.
[Graham Leggett]

*) core: Add util_fcgi.h and associated definitions and support
routines for FastCGI, based largely on mod_proxy_fcgi.
[Jeff Trawick]

*) mod_headers: Add ‘Header note header-name note-name’ for copying a response
headers value into a note. [Eric Covener]

*) mod_headers: Add ‘setifempty’ command to Header and RequestHeader.
[Eric Covener]

*) mod_logio: new format-specifier %S (sum) which is the sum of received
and sent byte counts.
PR54015 [Christophe Jaillet]

*) mod_deflate: Improve error detection when decompressing request bodies
with trailing garbage: handle case where trailing bytes are in
the same bucket. [Rainer Jung]

*) mod_authz_groupfile, mod_authz_user: Reduce severity of AH01671 and AH01663
from ERROR to DEBUG, since these modules do not know what mod_authz_core
is doing with their AUTHZ_DENIED return value. [Eric Covener]

*) mod_ldap: add TRACE5 for LDAP retries. [Eric Covener]

*) mod_ldap: retry on an LDAP timeout during authn. [Eric Covener]

*) mod_ldap: Change “LDAPReferrals off” to actually set the underlying LDAP
SDK option to OFF, and introduce “LDAPReferrals default” to take the SDK
default, sans rebind authentication callback.
[Jan Kaluza ]

*) core: Log a message at TRACE1 when the client aborts a connection.
[Eric Covener]

*) WinNT MPM: Don’t crash during child process initialization if the
Listen protocol is unrecognized. [Jeff Trawick]

*) modules: Fix some compiler warnings. [Guenter Knauf]

*) Sync 2.4 and trunk
– Avoid some memory allocation and work when TRACE1 is not activated
– fix typo in include guard
– indent
– No need to lower the string before removing the path, it is just a waste of time…
– Save a few cycles
[Christophe Jaillet ]

*) mod_filter: Add “change=no” as a proto-flag to FilterProtocol
to remove a providers initial flags set at registration time.
[Eric Covener]

*) core, mod_ssl: Enable the ability for a module to reverse the sense of
a poll event from a read to a write or vice versa. This is a step on
the way to allow mod_ssl taking full advantage of the event MPM.
[Graham Leggett]

*) Makefile.win: Install proper pcre DLL file during debug build install.
PR 55235. [Ben Reser ]

*) mod_ldap: Fix a potential memory leak or corruption. PR 54936.
[Zhenbo Xu ]

*) ab: Fix potential buffer overflows when processing the T and X
command-line options. PR 55360.
[Mike Rumph ]

*) fcgistarter: Specify SO_REUSEADDR to allow starting a server
with old connections in TIME_WAIT. [Jeff Trawick]

*) core: Add open_htaccess hook which, in conjunction with dirwalk_stat
and post_perdir_config (introduced in 2.4.5), allows mpm-itk to be
used without patches to httpd core. [Stefan Fritsch]

*) support/htdbm: fix processing of -t command line switch. Regression
introduced in 2.4.4
PR 55264 [Jo Rhett ]