Death Statistics and Fukushima

We are reaching that time when the radio-active isotopes from Fukushima start to wash up on the beaches of the west coast, and as it happens those of us between Portland and Vancouver will get the brunt of it.

I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t more than coincidence that the US Government has passed legislation to make death records unavailable to the public.

They claim it is to prevent fraud, but any fraud that it would prevent isn’t new.  What is new is that we’ll probably see a gradual creeping up of the rates of leukemia and other bone cancers as we take radioactive cesium into our bodies through the food chain.

I don’t know how big of a problem this will be in reality as information that is available on the Internet is totally wild ranging from there will be no effect to it will be the end of humanity.  I think the most likely scenario is somewhere in-between.

I don’t own a Geiger-counter and they’ve gotten quite expensive lately so I’m not likely to own one in the near future.  But that seems to be the only reliable way to get a handle on what we’re actually being exposed to.

It doesn’t seem like we’re going to get honest information from our government.