Support Afternoon/Evening January 14th 2014

I will be in and out this late afternoon and evening, first to attend a Shoreline Community Meeting that concerns possibly turning the street I use to get to my home into a one-way which would make getting in and out a nightmare, and then second to reload CentOS onto a new server I’m trying to get operational at the co-location facility.

We changed the motherboard and the new motherboard has a different Ethernet chip and we’ve already tried to rebuild the initramfs manually and it didn’t fly.  So I’m just going to reload this machine as it has nothing important on it yet.  This machine will be used to provide virtual machines to customers.

If you call, PLEASE leave voice mail, I will be out around 5:15PM, back in briefly around 7:45PM, and out again by around 8:30PM.  Please also leave how late it will be okay to call you back.