Centos Absorbed by RedHat

CentOS has been absorbed by RedHat.

Just to be clear, what follows is my opinion, for whatever it’s worth:

Although they make out like this is a good thing, I am unconvinced.  I think it’s mainly a good thing for a bunch of CentOS developers that got jobs with RedHat, but a bad thing for users of CentOS.

I’ve tried Fedora several times and it hasn’t worked well for me, bloated, ugly, generally dysfunctional.  I am concerned CentOS will now become like Fedora.

I believe this is by design.  RedHat presently is compiled from the same source RPMs as RedHat Enterprise Linux, with minor modifications mainly involving the changing of branding.  I think CentOS was competing too successfully with RedHat Enterprise Linux and so they absorbed it, basically bought the developers of CentOS in order to change it into something that will have less impact on their revenue stream.

What this means for Eskimo:

In the short-term it means there will probably be major upheavals at CentOS and the kind of problems we encountered in the upgrade from 6.4 to 6.5 will probably become more common.

In the long-term it means I am probably going to migrate towards Scientific Linux which is very similar to what CentOS has been, a Linux Distribution compiled from RHEL source RPMs.